Let our rust stain removal experts help you!

Rust stains make everything look old, outdated, and neglected. Your property is a reflection of you, and this is not the reflection you want! Put our rust stain removal services to work for you. Everyone knows rust is one of the hardest stains to remove. Leaky drainpipes, rusty eves and conduits, even landscape fertilizer (did you know it contains iron particles?) – all can leave rust stains, depreciating the look and value of your property.

Many people get bad DIY advice, permanently damaging their property and incurring costly repairs. DON’T LISTEN! (If you hear the words muriatic acid, cover your ears and run, or you’ll be running for the bank to pay for the damage!)

So, what’s the solution to your rust stains?

Call ETX Power Cleaning for our rust stain removal services. ETX Power Cleaning have specialized knowledge, equipment, and procedures for rust stain removal to leave your concrete, siding, sidewalks, and driveways looking bright and clean again.

ETX’s extensive knowledge of proper procedures will preserve your property – even delicate, painted stucco! You’ll also find peace of mind knowing that we’re fully insured – you’ll never have to worry about costly insurance claims.

ETX Power Cleaning will make the rust stains fade from your property and your memory. You won’t even recognize where the stains used to be! Call ETX Power Cleaning Ark-La-Tex areas to leave you and your property both looking good (and you feeling great)!