Real Estate Companies

When you are showing a home or other property for sale, cleanliness can make the difference between a lack of interest and a line of ready buyers. At ETX Power Cleaning, we can help you make faster, higher sales with our professional cleaning services serving the Ark-La-Tex areas. Our cleaning company specializes in fast, thorough work using the latest cleaning technology and products to ensure your property looks its very best for listing photos and open houses.

Benefits of Professionally Cleaning a Property for Sale

Working with a cleaning agency to improve the look of a property for sale offers several clear benefits. Whether you work in residential or commercial realty, your business can benefit from professional cleaning services.

  • While property owners can easily vacuum and dust, these simple tasks are not enough. Working with a professional cleaning service will completely transform the interior and exterior of any property quickly with solutions such as high-pressure cleaning and window washing to present the very best image possible.
  • Sellers are often forced to lower their sale price to pay for cleaning costs that buyers want to include. Opting for professional cleaning before you place a property on the market is a more cost-effective solution, allowing you to get top dollar for each property and often costing less than the cleaning accommodations buyers may want to put in a sale contract.
  • A clean property will look better and sell much faster, reducing the time each property is on the market. This will boost your business by improving your client relationships and increasing the number of sales you are able to make.

Areas of Focus When Cleaning a Property for Sale

When you show a property, you want to focus on its best features. Cleaning services can help you show off the most appealing areas of any home or commercial property by ensuring they truly stand out.

  • Outdoor patios, decks, walkways and roofs can easily accumulate dirt and stains, giving a poor impression from the moment buyers walk onto the property. Pressure washing and stain removal can increase curb appeal to bring more sellers in the door.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most frequently-used spaces in a home; they are also the rooms that tend to make or break a sale. Ensuring every inch of these interior spaces is spotless will make a home instantly more appealing and keep potential buyers interested.

Are you ready to discover the difference that a professional cleaning service can make, when closing on a property in Ark-La-Tex? Please call ETX Power Cleaning today at (903) 472-2289 to discuss our residential and commercial cleaning services for faster sales and more satisfied clients.